Chengdu, China
Chengdu Design & Creativity Exposition
October, 2014

Designers: Jackilin Hah BloomFlorencia Pita
Project Team:  
Ivan Bernal, Kyle Branchesi, Rachael McCall, Asli Tusavul, Jing Yan

Picture Park is a proposal for a public landscape in Chengdu, China.  It reconfigures the relationship between art and nature within a metropolitan city where color is vibrant and made very relevant in everyday life.  It is conceived as a moment within an existing landscape where there is a play and mutual attraction between the artificial and real. Defined by squares of hard and soft features that act as individual pixels, the experience through the park may lead one to see the “big picture”, an abstraction of bouquet-like patterns and figures.  Picture Park is defined by 50x50 centimeter squares of platform seating, floor tiles, hedges and grass.  Horizontal surfaces are covered with ceramic tiles that have been printed with vibrant colored imagery.  Hedges conform to the rectilinear shapes of the platforms and are made high enough to give moments of enclosure and privacy.  Trees are located for shade on patches of grass tiles.pas