Downtown Los Angeles, California
Entry for "A Cooler Grand Park" Competition
Designers: Jackilin Hah Bloom, Florencia Pita
Project Team: Rachael McCall

Our proposal for a sunshade structure in Grand Park of downtown Los Angeles is a synchronized combination of color and shapes that piece together imagery and objects of everyday life within an immersive enclosure. Nuances of the familiar and ordinary are used to evoke a new sense of comfort and palpability of exterior public space. There are four continuous, steel framed structures that delineate pitched angles and arch-like shapes that were derived from reconfigured outlines of typical marketplace canopies and pitched Southern California house rooftops. The imagery for the sunshade fabric is a collage of plastic flowers, office objects and domestic wallpaper patterns. We imagine the color and imagery of the sunshade to be projected on the ground paving through natural light and shadow, but could also be printed directly on to concrete paving tiles to produce a more immersive space. The color infused canopy interrupts the experience visitors have of Grand Park with a new and heightened sense of consciousness about the beauty of everyday life.