San Francisco, California
Proposal for the Harvey Milk Plaza Design Competition

Designers:  Jackilin Hah Bloom, Florencia Pita
Design Team:  Shayan Khorossani, Ali Senbas, Navid Simanian, Andrea Velasco

 Our proposal for the redesign of Harvey Milk Plaza looks at the site as an in-between condition in the city and shifts the idea of a plaza being a primarily flat, ground surface, to a 2-1/2 dimensionally shaped, and color-infused public space.  The area zoned as the Harvey Milk Plaza is delineated with a set of painted, stainless steel tubes that trace the outline of fictional building volumes - volumes that are contextually aligned with buildings in the neighborhood.  As a visual marker for the plaza, rising at a high point of 28 feet, the “shaped frames” rest primarily along the plaza’s edges, maintaining the open floor area of the plaza and have integrated lighting built into them to illuminate the space at night.  The ground and walls of the existing plaza is envisioned as tinted and patterned paving surfaces to accommodate everyday public traffic as well as public gathering events. Color is conceptually infused into the plaza space as an immersive “field” which is procedurally flattened and tiled to align with the shapes of the steel outlines.