Hensinki, Finland
Competition Entry
September, 2014

Designers:  Jackilin Hah Bloom, Florencia Pita
Project Team:  Kyle Branchesi, Rachael McCall, Shane Reiner-Roth

A figure ground study of the city revealed how light is capitalized on through inner courtyards and how the buildings have a strong presence along the street and property edge.  Our proposal reformulates these conditions into a museum building where the distinction between the atrium space and gallery perimeter produces a simultaneously blurred and acute visual experience, both on the exterior and interior.  Multiple resolutions also occurs on the building façade where a reference is made to the geometry of masonry bond patterns.  The pattern is altered through scale, depth and color, to create a visually changing effect.  The museum resonates these multiple experiences through a complex combination of undulating surfaces, figural entries and a patterned façade.  Other binary conditions in our proposal aims to address the Guggenheim Helsinki space as a shared medium between art and architecture.