LAXArt Garden Party Auction
July, 2014

Designers: Jackilin Hah Bloom, Florencia Pita
Project Team:  Kyle Branchesi, Smita Lukose, Shane Reiner-Roth

This project was commissioned by LAXArt (a non-profit gallery in Los Angeles) to use the Ikea Marius stool as an armature for a design to be auctioned at their annual summer fundraising event.  Our design reconfigures contours that are reminiscent of “C” and “S” shapes from baroque period furniture, to develop a set of outlines for the stool legs and seat.  Each piece is a two-dimensional flat CNC cut, which then sandwiches the given armature.  An artificial materiality is achieved through a graphic was that has the depth and texture of upholstery, then muddled with a patterned texture to allow the depth and flatness to play off each other.   This upholstery graphic is printed directly on to the surface, allowing the color to seemingly be integral to the flat mdf panel.