University of Michigan Museum of Art
Ann Arbor, Michigan
January-June, 2013

Designer: Florencia Pita
UMMA Director: Joe Rosa
Project Team:  Erin Lani, Wan Lee, Makenzie Murphy, Danyal Sadiz, Marie-Sophie Starlinger, Freesia Torres
Table fabrication: Vincent Pocsik, Brandon Vickers (Alley 36)
Jewelry Fabrication: Federico De la Serna

Organized by the University of Michigan Museum of Art, FlorenciaPita/FP mod explores the provocations and intersections of digital technology, material experimentation, and ornament in the work of Argentina-born, Los Angeles-based architect and designer Florencia Pita. The exhibition and its related publication, part of the UMMA Books series, trace the evolution of Pita's design ideology through installation pieces, urban design, tableware, furniture, and architecture, as well as small adornments. Pita’s boldly colored works draw from literary, art, and biological sources; employ cutting-edge architectural fabrication techniques; and cross borders of visual art, architecture, and design.