Group Exhibition, Bust
Jai & Jai Gallery
Los Angeles, California
August, 2015

Designer:  Jackilin Hah Bloom, Florencia Pita
Project Team:  Charmaine Lam, Sandybell Sanchez
Curator:  William O'Brien Jr.

As an invitation to participate in a group exhibition titled Bust, we were asked to explore the architectural façade through the framework of a classical bust. Unlike a classical bust where the form is carved through a subtractive process, resulting in a solid monolith, Face-to-Face is an object in-between 2D and 3D, on the verge of a cumulative formation. Six façade plaques are placed equidistant from one another with two embellished ends. This rigid alignment and face-to-face arrangement is intended to counter a privileged viewpoint of the object, mediating its orientation.  The project reinterprets the formal logic of a monolithic bust by replacing subtraction with absence, frontality with seriality, and symmetry with mirrored image.   In addition, this project embraces “likeness” as opposed to replication through the interplay of a house-like silhouette, confection-like details and a swatch-like gradient of vivid stucco colors.