Los Angeles, California
Sci-Arc Gallery Installation

Designer:  Florencia Pita
Project Team:  Daren Chen, John Klein, Zarmine N. Nigohossian, Clair Souki

The site-specific installation Pulse: Tendril Formations emphasizes the manipulation of color and material as a double mechanism for the production of spatial affect. The gallery is transformed into an entirely pink landscape with winding walls, or structural tendrils, made of 300 CNC lasercut sheets of thin plastic, with contoured benches coiling out of the meandering walkways. With pink floors and walls, the exhibition offers an environment and s patial effect of total immersion in color, atmosphere, and material. The structural tendrils, formulated through mathematical computation, allow the building materials to be the structure itself, without any supporting structure. The structure’s complexity, achieved through multiplicity, is created by the proliferation of layers of single curvature. The extrusion of two-dimensional materials into a three-dimensional pattern and flow accentuates ornamentation through structure and volume without infrastructure. Inspired by the late 19th century nature photographs of German artist Karl Blossfeldt and by the complex fabric structures of contemporary fashion innovator Junya Watanabe,the installation investigates notions of color and form as performative elements that embed spaces with mood and atmosphere.