Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton School of Architecture Entry Façade Installation

Designers:  Jackilin Hah Bloom, Florencia Pita
Project Team:  Agustina Alaines, Rachael McCall

Signatures plays on authorship. It combines curved geometries traced from campus architecture to form columnar shapes and calligraphic outlines, juxtaposed with a collage of ready-mades, themselves a commentary on authorship and appropriation. As a decorative appliqué to AROs glass link between the two original School of Architecture buildings by Fisher, Nes, Campbell and Partners, it coalesces architectural imprints on the façade, producing an oeuvre of signatures.

The outlines generate three-dimensional forms that are column-like but not of a particular style.  Residual curves are expressed as mullions that align to the vertical rhythm of the existing glass façade. Two- and three-dimensional forms play between front and back, night and day, challenging the visual stability of the image. A collage of textures sit in for an interior condition, where concrete pipes, an Olivetti typewriter, a violet, and a Max Ernst etching, are set behind the columns and mullions. Perforated vinyl makes the image visible during the day, and recede into silhouettes of outlined signatures at night.